The ‘Why’ Behind The Studio at K|D


The ‘Why’ Behind The Studio at K|D

Welcome to The Studio at K|D –

An interactive event space and gardens – in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide a space where the Tulsa community can connect, recharge, and experience the beauty of nature, all while cultivating more beautiful and fuller lives within their homes.

Julia Kirkendall, founder and owner of Kirkendall Design and The Studio at K|D stands in front of the entry fireplace

The driving force behind The Studio at K|D is founder and owner, Julia Kirkendall. For more than 30 years, Julia has been committed to bringing beauty to Tulsa and its surrounding communities through K|D & Co. Its flagship company, Kirkendall Design opened in 1993 – specializing in creating luxury and timeless interiors for people who appreciate beauty and craftsmanship.

Through Kirkendall Design, Julia and her team have had the privilege to work in some of the most amazing homes and fostered deep connections with numerous families and individuals.

Their expertise lies not only in crafting personalized and livable styles that reflect each homeowner’s unique narrative but also in empowering clients to fully embrace and cherish their homes. This is what sparked the inception of The Studio at K|D.

This new venture – sitting on five acres and located in the heart of Tulsa – gives us the opportunity to help inspire and equip people to live fuller, well-designed lives. We will offer a broad range of interactive workshops and nature-inspired experiences, while also imparting invaluable knowledge on living life to its utmost potential.

The Studio at K|D Offerings:

We can’t wait to host you at The Studio at K|D. Read about our Grand Opening Recap here.

Come cultivate a fuller, more beautiful life with us.