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Holiday Wreath Making Workshop

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We had an absolute blast at The Studio at K|D during our Holiday Wreath Making Workshop, marking one of our first Lifestyle Workshop at our new event venue in Tulsa! Stefanie from The Heirloom Acre Farm led us through a night of festive fun and crafting. Starting with fresh sprigs of evergreen and a blank wire wreath frame, each participant ended the evening with a beautiful wreath adorned with live greenery accents, dried oranges, ornaments, and bows—ready to grace their homes during the Christmas season!

This workshop is just the beginning of our exciting journey into Lifestyle Workshop events at our new event space in Tulsa. Come learn together and experience a more beautiful life by joining our Lifestyle Workshops in 2024. Nurture meaningful connections while acquiring new skills in culinary expertise, floral design, home styling, and more.

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What Photographers Love about The Studio at K|D’s Photographer Membership Program

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It is so exciting to see The Studio at K|D being utilized by photographers and videographers who are a part of our exclusive photographer membership program. Our studio was made especially for photographers who specialize in corporate, branding, headshots, and portraits. We love seeing them work their creative magic with corporate clients who are also investing in their own businesses – it’s a win-win!

The Studio at K|D is more than just a photography studio; it’s a space designed to elevate the creative process. So what makes The Studio at K|D so special?

Here’s what photographers are saying they love about our space:

  1. Natural Light Abundance: Our studio is bathed in beautiful, natural light, thanks to the large 10-foot windows in every room. Say goodbye to harsh, artificial lighting and welcome an abundance of natural light for every photo shoot.
  2. Versatile Setups: We carefully designed The Studio at K|D with multiple luxury furnished vignettes for different scenes, ensuring photographers have all the flexibility they need. Whether they are capturing corporate headshots or dynamic branding shots, our space can adapt to any vision seamlessly.
  3. Spacious Rooms: Photographers appreciate the depth and roominess of our facility, providing ample space to bring creative ideas to life. No more feeling cramped or limited in their artistic endeavors!
  4. Diverse Materials: We believe that texture and variety can truly enhance your photography. Our studio features a wide array of textures and backdrops to experiment with.
  5. Matte Walls: Our matte walls provide a neutral and elegant background for subjects. They not only complement a variety of photography styles but also reduce glare and unwanted reflections.
  6. Whole Facility Access: Photographer members of The Studio at K|D have exclusive access to our entire facility. This means priority booking for interior and exterior photo shoots that work with their schedules, eliminating the stress of finding the right location.

Don’t just take their word for it! If you are a photographer or videographer, we invite you to come experience this exclusive opportunity for yourself. Your clients will thank you, and your portfolio will shine. Reach out today to book a tour of The Studio.

The Design Behind The Studio at K|D

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The driving force behind The Studio at K|D is founder and owner, Julia Kirkendall of Kirkendall Design. Since design is the backbone of our company, it was an exciting endeavor for Julia and the K|D design team to transform our commercial building into a high-end, versatile event space. Follow along as we take you behind the scenes of the transformation and design choices that brought The Studio at K|D to life.

Lighting Design

One of the design goals was to transition the space, with its functional 8’ fluorescent commercial lights, to a more warm, inviting atmosphere. Julia drew inspiration from her travels, particularly boutique hotels that used lighting in unique ways. We added lighting in unexpected ways and places, such as above windows and flanking office walls. Many of the selections act as a showroom for the lighting Kirkendall Design uses in clients’ spaces.

Our favorite feature, however, is the reclaimed pendant lighting sourced from a church that was being remodeled. This lighting, with its cathedral-like grandeur, subtly nods to Kirkendall Design’s core values while also illuminating the high ceilings of The Studio.


The Studio at K|D Grand Opening Recap & Thank You

What an incredible month it has been! The Studio at K|D officially opened its doors with a bang, and we are overflowing with gratitude for the amazing clients and community that came out to celebrate this momentous occasion with us. The support and excitement we felt reaffirms our belief that The Studio at K|D is not just a building, but a space where connections are made, creativity blossoms, and lives are enriched.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who joined us for our grand opening event that coincided with celebrating 30 years in business for Kirkendall Design. Your presence added an extra layer of joy to the event, and seeing your smiles as you explored the interactive event space and budding gardens was truly heartwarming. We are dedicated to creating a place where inspiration thrives, and your enthusiasm fuels our passion even further.

Thank You to Our Grand Opening Partners

We would like to share our appreciation to the local companies who contributed their incredible products and services to our grand opening event. A big thank you to: Lambrusco’s, Molli Made Cookies, Heirloom Acre Farm, Royal Valet Tulsa, Party Pro Rentals, Benjamin Moore, and Balloon Therapy.





If you weren’t able to attend our grand opening celebration, don’t worry! We invite you to email us at to schedule a private tour of The Studio at K|D. 

We’re excited to share with you the magic of this space that’s designed to bring beauty, regeneration and authenticity to the heart of Tulsa. Here’s to a future of meaningful experiences and intentional offerings to better serve our design clients and the community.

Learn more about our offerings: 

The ‘Why’ Behind The Studio at K|D

Welcome to The Studio at K|D –

An interactive event space and gardens – in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide a space where the Tulsa community can connect, recharge, and experience the beauty of nature, all while cultivating more beautiful and fuller lives within their homes.

Julia Kirkendall, founder and owner of Kirkendall Design and The Studio at K|D stands in front of the entry fireplace

The driving force behind The Studio at K|D is founder and owner, Julia Kirkendall. For more than 30 years, Julia has been committed to bringing beauty to Tulsa and its surrounding communities through K|D & Co. Its flagship company, Kirkendall Design opened in 1993 – specializing in creating luxury and timeless interiors for people who appreciate beauty and craftsmanship.

Through Kirkendall Design, Julia and her team have had the privilege to work in some of the most amazing homes and fostered deep connections with numerous families and individuals.

Their expertise lies not only in crafting personalized and livable styles that reflect each homeowner’s unique narrative but also in empowering clients to fully embrace and cherish their homes. This is what sparked the inception of The Studio at K|D.

This new venture – sitting on five acres and located in the heart of Tulsa – gives us the opportunity to help inspire and equip people to live fuller, well-designed lives. We will offer a broad range of interactive workshops and nature-inspired experiences, while also imparting invaluable knowledge on living life to its utmost potential.

The Studio at K|D Offerings:

We can’t wait to host you at The Studio at K|D. Read about our Grand Opening Recap here.

Come cultivate a fuller, more beautiful life with us.